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B12 EnergyB12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is found in many foods such as meat and dairy products, and is necessary to maintain good health. A deficiency of B12 could result from a lack of consumption of these foods due to dieting, which can be replaced by receiving a shot.

Your Body Needs B12
The human body needs B12 for the overall health of nerve and red blood cells, and also to aid in digestion. Since the body does not manufacture it, the only way to get it is through diet and/or supplementation. When dieting, a B12 deficiency can occur due to the limiting of consumption of foods that are high in B12, such as red meet.

Physical Signs of Serious Deficiency
One indication that there may not be enough B12 present in the body if one begins to feel fatigue and dizziness, especially when dieting. An individual also may experience diarrhea or constipation, and become disoriented or confused. There could be a tingling sensation in the extremities, and even chest pains.

Some Benefits When Your Dieting
Taking shots of B12 can give a boost to the body by providing the energy that is normally supplied through proper eating. From a dieting standpoint, it can also help reduce the craving for food. In older people, it can help alleviate the vitamin deficiency that can result from a lack of variety in diet, and can also help maintain energy levels and maintain memory function.

How it Works
Patients on b12 report more energy and less stress and are there for more motivated to continue their diets and exercise more than not taking b12 injections. You can recieve b12 injections every 5 days to every 7 days.